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AN ODE TO (MY LIFE WITH) NAS04 / 06 / 2017

As a teenager, my greatest joy in life was to get high and watch Rap City on BET. Although I grew up in Cali, the sounds coming out of New York in the late 90s resonated with me and I quickly become a connoisseur of acts like Lost Boyz, MC Lyte, Redman, Salt-N-Pepa and Wu-Tang Clan…And then came Nas.
nas performing
Nothing at the time compared to how I felt the first time I heard Nas’ first album, Illmatic. To this day, listening to “Memory Lane” instantly alters my mood. The magic between him and DJ Premier was and still is undeniable. Listening to that record in its entirety is like visiting with an old friend. It feels as good to me now as it did when I was a teenager.
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